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Go to ZETA’s Catalog (here) and find the instrument you are interested in purchasing. You can narrow your search by clicking one of the category tabs at the top of the catalog. Once you’ve found your desired model, the current lead-time for shipping is shown on the product picture (ie 3 Days). Click on the ‘More . . .’ button found at the bottom of the instrument description. This takes you to the order page where you will find further features included with the instrument as well as pictures of our ZETA case and preamp. By clicking on the product picture you can view a high resolution pic of this model (including a 2nd level of enlargement which is available by clicking in the upper left-hand corner). From there you can add the instrument to your cart and purchase using any credit card or PayPal. Shipping is free in the USA and overseas shipping (3-5 Day USPS Express) is $99.

Category: Ordering

The cost of importing (typically VAT and Customs fees) a ZETA Violin w/case, harmonized code 92021010 . . . varies depending on the country of import. European VAT fees range from 18% to 25%, with Customs fees up to 4%. These fees are collected from the purchaser by the government upon arrival in the foreign country. Some example VAT fees: United Kingdom-20%, Italy-22%, France-20%, Germany-19%, Ireland-23%, Netherlands-21%, Romania-24%, Malta-18%.

Category: Ordering

Checking Out

You can check-out using Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover card option “Pay with Credit Card”, or you can check out using PayPal. When using PayPal you have the option of using your PayPal account, or processing your preferred bank card through PayPal, ie you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use this option. The PayPal Express option is both fast and convenient as this option allows you to bypass filling out any forms and your item is shipped to the address of your PayPal account.

If you prefer to send payment direct from your bank, you can wire transfer directly to our ‘Bank of America’ account. This is a simple process but requires you to contact us to send you the invoice for your order and provide you with our bank routing and account #. Contact Steve at ZETA Violins ( if you would like to pay for your order with a direct bank transfer.

Additionally . . . you can use Western Union to send full or partial payment for your purchase. This is a very simple process. Send your payment in US Dollars via Western Union to: Steve Carlson, Belgrade, Montana, USA.

Category: Checking Out


We use the term ‘Legacy’ to refer to either a Modern or Fusion body style instrument, made of basswood, with a Black, White, or Cremona finish.

Category: Products

We use the term ‘Reissue’ to refer to Fusion body style instruments made with a double edge around the entire body. This style of body was a key feature of the original ZETA Jazz violins. In addition, as part of the ‘Reissue’ project . . . ZETA also reintroduced our original ‘Imbus’ neck, a ’92 JLP Jazz Reissue preamp, and the Signature ‘Jean-Luc Ponty’ model Jazz Violin. All ZETA Jazz bridge instruments, ie Jazz Fusion and Jazz Imbus models, come with the ’92 JLP Jazz Reissue preamp installed.

Category: Products

The GR-55 is a Guitar/Bass Synth . . . with a factory setup to function best with those type of instruments, ie fretted and plucked. Violins are different of course . . . and so it is best to make adjustments to the unit for our instrument of choice . . . the violin. It is important to note that the below adjustments are a ‘starting point’ I have found thru experimentation. Once you make these changes and get comfortable with what does what, it is expected that you will further tweak and ‘dial in’ your GR-55 to suit your specific instrument and style of playing.

(Note: The GR-55 is extremely versatile and complex. It is highly recommended you read the manual and get familiar with everything you can do with it and how to change those things you may want to change. There is no substitute for spending time doing this. There are many exemplary videos online where you can see the versatility and potential of this unit. Exiting from the setup screen saves your changes)

  1. Set your Gr-55 for Guitar (page 9, manual)
  2. Give your new settings a Name: Edit, arrow to GK Settings-Enter, then Enter and put in name, I use ZETA . . . press exit, exit to save
  3. Change the Pick-Up type: Edit, GK Settings-Enter, page to PU tab, arrow down to ‘PU Type’ – scroll to PIEZO R
  4. Change Scale: arrow down to ‘Scale’ – scroll to 500 mm
  5. Change Distance: page over to DIS . . . arrow down and change each string to 10 mm (book says this is not used if PIEZO, but I do it anyway)
  6. Change Sensitivity: page over to SEN . . . arrow down and change each string to 20 . . . this you can play with to suit you
  7. Change Velocity: page over to VEL . . . arrow down and change, Velocity Dynamics to 7, Play Feel to 3, Low Velocity Cut to 5 (these you will play with to see the differences they make in your triggering, etc.
  8. Change Nuance Dynamics: Nuance Dynamics to 0, Nuance Trim to 1 (you will definitely play with these to suit you)
  9. Optional . . . Turn Chromatic On: from Main screen, Edit, arrow over to MIDI/USB-Enter, Page over to GTR-MIDI, arrow down to Chromatic-scroll to On (this you should also play with to decide what you like)

From just these few changes you can see there are lots of subtle (and some not so subtle) possibilities available. So read the manual, watch a lot of instructional videos . . . and have fun with your ZETA and the GR-55!

Some Patches I enjoy using, Ref: USER

LP +Stack 45-2, Legato Solo 37-1, Oboe 92-1, Rich Strings 34-2, Pan Flute 98-1, Flute Solo 35-1, Nice Tenor 34-1, Strange Whistle 43-1, Acoustic Bass under Rhythm 29-2, Marimba 89-2, Moody Sax 95-1, Tap Dance Guitar 28-3, Kalimba Pad 19-2, Pipe Organ 79-2, Scat & Guitar 46-3

I move these sounds: Scroll to User 01-01, Write, Page to Exchange, Scroll to desired sound, Write. . . . So all of the above sounds (for me) are located in User Patch 01-1 to 05-3. For performance purposes you would align sounds next to each other for easy access using pedals 1-3 of the GR-55.

(Check back as I will update as I find other settings of interest)



Category: Products

Care and Maintenance

ZETA’s Imbus pegs should be thought of as ‘lock-down’ pegs. They are not intended for fine tuning, but rather for ‘holding’ the pitch level of the string over a long period of time.

Fine tuning to exact pitch should be accomplished by the fine-tuners at the tailpiece. Fine-tuners should only be turned down a few turns at most, and when more ‘tuning up to correct pitch’ is necessary . . . the fine-tuners should be backed off and the ‘lock-down’ Imbus pegs then used as described below.

Proper use of the Imbus peg starts with clock-wise turning (de-tuning) and simultaneous lifting (un-seating) of the peg. With the peg free from a tight friction fit in the peghead (and the string below pitch) . . . then and only then is the string brought up to pitch (turning counter-clockwise) without any friction in the peg. [NOTE: The Imbus peg should not be ‘squeaking’ during any of its turning. If it is, then too much friction is present (ie peg is locked). Release the friction by lifting up on the peg while de-tuning.] Once at pitch the peg is then seated firmly and securely in the peg-hole. Then the fine-tuner is used to bring string to final pitch, which should take less than a full turn of the fine-tuner.

In general . . . damage to Imbus pegs comes from trying to tune up a locked peg. Not following the above procedure can damage the Imbus peg which may eventually require a replacement peg.


Early ZETA Jazz bridges use the strings to pass the ground (coming from the tailpiece) to the pickup elements in the bridge. Most ‘sound’ issues related to an individual string arise from an intermittent ground problem. To check for a grounding issue simply touch a working string to the problem string using a penny or a paper clip (behind the bridge). If the sound of the problem string comes back then you can assume the problem string has lost its ground.

A signal element (single string pickup) ground can be lost for a couple reasons . . . a bad string for instance . . . but typically it is the string to tailpiece connection. Most often the strings fine tuner is the issue. Sometimes ground is lost when the fine tuner is turned in excessively (down to far). When this is the case, the fine point of the adjustment screw has lost its contact with the pivoting piece of the fine tuner and consequently its ground connection with the body of the tailpiece . . . so start by detuning the fine tuner. In some cases simple corrosion has broken the ground connection indicating a good cleaning is in order, and possibly a little filing or scraping of the corroded surface in question.

If ‘grounding’ the string does not fix the sound problem, then the pickup element itself may be the cause. Problems at the element could be a broken signal wire or solder joint . . . or a short between the ground and signal. Beyond this the preamp would be suspect. Repairs involving any of these issues would be best resolved at our ZETA shop. Simply fill out our ‘Repairs’ form (here) describing the problem in detail. Be sure to include your phone number and full address (for return of your instrument to you) and ship your instrument to us at the ZETA shop address.

If shipping from overseas be sure to document your shipment as an item being sent for repair.


Category: Repairs


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1 week ago

ZETA Violins

Mom -

"You know I take you there with me . . .
In my mind and in my heart"

Happy Mother's Day!

Just recently on the Montana PBS show '11th & Grant' our ZETA C_Octave (Strados) was featured played by local fiddler Chelsea Hunt. The show, featuring songwriter Jim Averitt, aired 2 of the 'Cello' pieces but did not air my favorite . . . 'Mother'. So here is the live feed broadcast for all to enjoy on this special day. I love the warmth of our chin-cello as it reminds me of the many warm and comforting memories of my own mother.

"Every loving touch and kind word . . .
and a heart you had to know"
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Good...Happy mother's day...

كل عام وامهات العالم بخير

رووووعه ابداع



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1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Richard Choi reports . . . 'Wow!!! Great Concert!'

Wish we could have been there Richard. Can't wait for a video or two. Thank you so much my friend.
... See MoreSee Less

Richard Choi reports . . . Wow!!! Great Concert!Wish we could have been there Richard. Cant wait for a video or two. Thank you so much my friend.


Comment on Facebook

Thanks ~! Richard Choi.


1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Heads UP! . . . ZETA Artist Ms. Jo A-Ram is performing live at the LG Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. Her concert 'Elegy' is tomorrow night, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.

Big Congrats and Best Wishes from all of us here at ZETA!

Ms. A-Ram plays her custom SV44 RstdFlm/RstdFlm Jazz Modern as well as her ZETA customized original EV Modern. ZETA's posted video with her Jazz Modern can be found here:
... See MoreSee Less

Heads UP! . . . ZETA Artist Ms. Jo A-Ram is performing live at the LG Arts Center in Seoul, South Korea. Her concert Elegy is tomorrow night, Thursday, 7:30 p.m.Big Congrats and Best Wishes from all of us here at ZETA!Ms. A-Ram plays her custom SV44 RstdFlm/RstdFlm Jazz Modern as well as her ZETA customized original EV Modern. ZETAs posted video with her Jazz Modern can be found here: attachment


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I’m Jo A-ram fan club member. Thankful ZETA.

1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Tim Kliphuis and Alfonso Ponticelli playing live at our ZETA shop. Tim is playing his custom JV45 Rstd/Rstd with personalized 'GypsyFiddler' inlay. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I have a Zeta c. 2005-07. Is there much difference i these newer models?

Great work guys ! 👏👏👏

Much respect !

Good !!!Awesome from Italy :-)

Let's hear the fiddle doing melody.

Who is playing the Zeta? Bio,???

How muchie zeta violin

Moonlight in Vermont

Minor Swing....

O zeta

Cat costa



Puțin oltenește va rog eu

Very fine

Bessame mucho

greetings from Egypt ❤

Romanian music


Pls bessame ❤

Great! isn't that Tim Kliphuis?

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1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Tim Kliphuis and Alfonso Ponticelli live at ZETA Violins. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Zein Daknosh

1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Famed Dutch Gypsy Jazz Violinist is in the house! I first met Tim Kliphuis when he performed in Bozeman 2 years ago. And wow . . . what a treat that was. Many of you will remember the wonderful videos he did for ZETA while in town last time. If not, here's the links and they are worth the listen:
1st: playing with our ZETA Acoustic Pro5 . . .
2nd: playing with our ZETA C_Octave Strados Modern5 . . .
3rd: playing with our ZETA JV45 Rstd/Rstd Jazz5 Fusion5 . . .
4th:Tim's 1st stab at the JV45 with the GR-55 Synth . . . a very fun MIDI experience . . .

Tim loved the Roasted Jazz Fusion so much he ordered one and here we are 2 years later. The 'Gypsy Fiddler' inlay idea and drawing came courtesy of his then 12 year old daughter. Thank you Lucy for your inspirational work! We love projects like this.

Tim's concert is Sunday night at the Rialto Theater in Bozeman, 8:00 p.m. - A NIGHT OF GYPSY JAZZ WITH TIM KLIPHUIS AND ALFONSO PONTICELLI.

Next Tuesday morning about 11:00 a.m. we'll be doing a Facebook live broadcast from the ZETA shop here. Tim and Alfonso will be playing some favorites and taking requests. Hope you can join us.
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Comment on Facebook

الزيتا اصلا حرام، 😂 😂 😂 واحد حبيبي كان جايبها في عز الرخص ب 3000 💵 ربنا يبارك له فيها

Zein Daknosh 😍😍

1 month ago

ZETA Violins

1st out this week , , , a JLP5 and a JV45 Reissue Black Imbus off to Fly Music, Romania.

A special JV45 Rstd/Rstd Light Cremona Burst custom for Gypsy Jazz Violinist Tim Kliphuis. Tim's in town this week for a concert this Sunday. So great to get to deliver a custom like this in person. More on that in the next post.

And last but not least a stunning JLP5 sent off to Riverside, CA. This is going to one lucky son from a wonderful father. Congrats young man!
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Why r u sharing this with me? Hoping for me to buy u one?

Price please

Prêt ?

2 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's 'Roasted Maple' models are proving quite popular. We just finished processing our newest batch of Violin bodies featuring our latest shipment of roasted maple. This round we have some exquisite Quilted tops, along with both Flame and Birdseye. I've grouped the bodies in a variety of poses. Available this time is a nice mix and match of 4 & 5-strings models. What's your favorite body style? . . . wood?

There is 1 killer DblEdg DblLam Quilted Fusion that is certainly over-the-top, drop-dead . . . well you know . . . just AWESOME!

In total this batch gives us 5 new Classics, 5 Moderns, 5 Fusions, and 4 Fusion (sequentially matched) Double Lams.

Time to pick the Wood Type, Body Style, Finish Color, and Pickup of your dreams. Lets build it!
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Love my maple beauty 😊

I want that one over there....that cool?

Zein Daknosh

2 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA Fusion Basses and Cellos are heading into the spray booth this week. Ready to ship in May.

Check out the matching set of Roasted's . . . ooh la la! A show-stopper for any trio out there. What's your vote . . . Honey Shade . . . Cremona Burst . . . or Chocolate? Hmmm . . .
... See MoreSee Less


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Honey Shade!

Zein Daknosh 😍😍

Honey shade!

2 months ago

ZETA Violins

Busy couple weeks here at ZETA . . . shipping Moderns and JLP5's out the door. A very sweet JLP5 Fusion headed out to Chicago . . . a JLP5 Imbus off to Belgium . . . and a 3rd JLP5 which is on it's way somewhere. Apparently a fraudulent purchase of some sort . . . more on that later.

Both Strados and Jazz Moderns were sent out. A SV24 Rstd/Rstd to EVS and a SV45_Legacy-Black to California.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Zein Daknosh like yours 😍😍😍

Price... ????plz



2 months ago

ZETA Violins

Several special ZETA's shipped this week . . .

Off to Fly Music, Romania was a JV45 Rstd/Rstd/Rstd Chocolate Burst 5-String. I think this Roasted Flame Maple model is gaining popularity with our friends over there.

Off to Electric Violin Shop, Durham, NC:
JV45 Fretted (Z-Style Inlay) Rstd/Rstd Cremona Burst 5-String
SV24 Spalted Maple Cowgirl 4-String w/Purple Heart Trim
JV44 Burl Maple Cowgirl 4-String w/Mahogany Trim

Off to James Schlender in Ashville, NC . . . a backup Acoustic Pro 5-String in our ZETA Buckskin Case. James will be out on tour this summer with 'Songs from the Road Band'. Check out their schedule here:

Off to Marek ENETI in Dallas, TX . . . a backup of his custom personalized SV25 Rstd/Rstd Cremona Red Burst 5-String w/'Gabriel's Wings' inlay. Be sure to scroll to the end and check out this beauty. Only thing better than one of these is two of them. Play well Marek . . . and enjoy!
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Beautiful violins.

price please !

Beautiful. Can't wait to play them.

Amazing violins! 😍


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2 months ago

ZETA Violins

Total of 9 ZETA's out the door this week . . . including the Roasted Birdseye Strados Viola you got to hear James play in our Facebook live stream last week. If you didn't . . . then check it out just below (~26:50).
Then check it out in person at EVS!

Shipments include:
4 - total to Electric Violin Shop in Durham, NC; a CV44 Roasted Flame Classic Chocolate Burst, a JV45 Legacy Black Fusion, a SV24 Roasted Birdseye Modern Viola and a CV44 Trans-Red Classic with custom red Jazz bridge.
3 - JLP5's to Fly Music in Romania.
1 - CV44 Legacy White to Elena in Ontario, Canada
1 - JV45 Trans-Blue Fusion with custom blue Jazz bridge (last week's auction item) to Matt Williams in Asheville, NC.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Zein Daknosh the one and only 😍😍

I want !!

Hannah Which one did you buy?

اخ كلبي


По звуку, у меня круче!!!..., осталось по внешнему виду обойти и америкосы в жо...



Ashutosh Sanghvi

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3 months ago

ZETA Violins

Final Winning Bid . . . $2,550 . . . Asheville, NC USA

Congratulations Matt W.
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Comment on Facebook

You are blessed to get this beautiful instrument

3 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA live from Belgrade MT USA ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I might get a Acoustic Pro 5 string soon... but then i came across the new MIDI system in the acoustic as well... I wonder how the Jazz bridge sounds unplugged on the acoustic...

Nice!! Matt Glaser has me learning that in all 12 Keys way back when. I know I couldn’t do that now. My quartet just played a gig in San Diego and now in the way to Houston. All Zetas

I wanna to order a violin zeta how can i do, im in miami (fl)

How bout Giant Steps in honor of Didier Lockwood who I heard playing it very early on in my studies.

Would like to hear the stratos pickup sounds like.

What would you say is the main differences between the two bridges?

Amazing grace? I love the sound and the blue color!

Have procesor zeta..or simple cable jack?


Love it! Wow James is very very talented. He's switching styles so effortlessly


Very good sound, the violin zeta is the best electric violin ever

The best violin ever ❤❤ but just to Expensive 😭😭

James, what product do you use on that beard?!

I went to school in Miami too. Then Berklee.

beautiful, have a great day guys

Y you have no shops in germany?

What price have the blue violin?

Thanks, gentleman!

Wow..The low is really deep...

What Amplifier are you using?

Thanks for the morning jam!!

very good love your sis


goin places.fiddle.tune

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3 months ago

ZETA Violins

Join us at ZETA's Shop LIVE TOMORROW, Friday 16:00 GMT w/James Schlender . . . that's 11:00 New York and 9:00 a.m. in Montana. Join us and enjoy James playing our JV45 Jazz Fusion TransBlue beauty, 'the auction item' . . . and request a tune. See you then!

ZETA LIVE: James Schlender just in from Asheville, NC for the auction banquet. Stopping by for a warm up recording session. Any requests . . .
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

It is the current auction

Love this

Sound nice

It sounds nice

Very nicee

Love it!!!


tremendo sonido! escuchándolos desde Argentina




My boy is in town!

Facha Villalva Cuchaaa chango

Saludo!!! Hermsoo zeta jazz


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3 months ago

ZETA Violins

Join us LIVE TOMORROW at ZETA's shop, Friday 16:00 GMT w/James Schlender . . . that's 11:00 New York and 9:00 a.m. in Montana. Join us and enjoy James playing our JV45 Jazz Fusion TransBlue beauty, 'the auction item' . . . and request a tune. See you then!

CURRENT BID: $2,500 . . . Thank you Antwerp, Belgium!
10th Bid: $2,400 . . . Ramnicu Valcea, Romania!
9th Bid: $2,300 . . . Orange County, CA, USA
8th Bid: $2,200 . . . Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
7th Bid: $2,100 . . . Asheville, NC, USA
6th Bid: $2,000 . . . Bucharest, Romania!
5th Bid: $1,900 . . . Antwerp, Belgium
4th Bid: $1,800 . . . Bucharest, Romania
3rd Bid: $1,500 . . . Dublin, Ireland
2nd Bid: $1,100 . . . Florida, USA
1st Bid: $993 . . . Nevada, USA

Special Auction Item this week . . . a ZETA JV45 Artist Trans-Blue BlackEdge Burst with Flame Maple Neck. This violin also features a Post-Style custom Blue Jazz Bridge and Tail-piece. ZETA Violins is donating this beauty to for their benefit auction.

All proceeds (100%) from the sale of this ZETA 5-String Jazz Violin go to 'Alive Again Life Recovery Mission' is a local addiction recovery program in Bozeman, MT for individuals of all ages. AALRM provides a safe Christian environment to fellowship, learn and heal from addiction and addiction-related effects . . . putting lives back on track through counseling and individual mentoring.

This years banquet and benefit auction is Friday, March 2nd in Bozeman from 6:00 to 8:45 p.m. ZETA fans world wide are invited to bid on this special ZETA Jazz Fusion w/case. Facebook message me your bid. Throughout this coming week as the auction progresses, I will be posting the current active 'winning' bid at the top of this post. Just think - one week from now you could own this special ZETA. Catalog price is $3,540. Send me your bid . . . and help AALRM keep making a difference in many deserving lives.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I have a feeling it will go to someone from Romania

One of a kind! Extraordinary beautiful

Another beautiful Zeta!!

nai dobroto zeta violin syper

What a beautiful instrument

nice violin <3


ZETA 😍😍😍

5 senar wow

My dream


Abel Bonescu

Xristos Theoxarus κανονισε !!!


Hadi Azhari Alhadi

Ashutosh Sanghvi

Alaa Azzam

Eli Cassandra 😍

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3 months ago

ZETA Violins

C_Octaves dominated our activity this week . . . shipping a beautiful TransBlue Jazz Modern SV45 off to EVS, recording samples from Evan Garr, and Montana PBS television's '11th & Grant' broadcast with Chelsea Hunt playing 2 tunes with a ZETA Burl Redwood Cowgirl C_Octave.

Evan Garr created a beautiful loop sample of One Republic's "Secrets" for me. I've combined it here with his cover of Stanley Clarke's "La Cancion de Sofia". Hope you enjoy Evan's monster ability, his 'monster' ZETA Octave, and the beautiful rendition of both tunes. ZETA's C_Octave . . . I love the many possibilities . . . thanks Evan!

Shipping a TransBlue SV45 off to Electric Violin Shop in Durham, NC. This Jazz Modern Octave is very special as it was Evan's loaner while his custom OctoOctav 'Monster' was being designed and built. It can be seen and heard in Evan's improv over Jean-Luc Ponty's "Mystical Adventures Part 5" posted here:
and a close up picture here:

On '11th & Grant's' broadcast Chelsea Hunt plays two of Jim Everitt's originals, ''Sapphire" and 'While We're Here" . . . found at 8:06 and 21:16 into the broadcast here:
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

This is the MIDI out?

Zvuchi kato viola chelo no ne i cigulka-

Love the trans blue, and that C octave sound!


Jana mocno 5 zica

Emilio, tu cand?


We both loved it.

Beni Raducanu Beniamin

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3 months ago

ZETA Violins

It was a regular Ponty Party this week here at ZETA . . . shipping off 4 JLP5's in total. Well . . . technically only 3 shipped and 1 was picked up in person. Congrats Dennis! That's always fun.
2 JLP5's hit the trail for EVS in Durham NC, USA and 1 headed out to Fly Music in Romania, along with a JV45 Legacy Black Jazz Fusion.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

xao macn

Husam Alshame

4 months ago

ZETA Violins

El Violin Gently Weeps! Patrick Contreras is in fact making us weep here with his 'breakin-in' video . . . taking his new signature ZETA out for a . . . a good cry I would say.

WOW! Thank you so much Patrick A. Contreras for sharing your George Harrison cover with us . . . your 1st of many great videos to come, I hope. I can see your adjusting well to your signature ZETA 5-string. Beautiful my friend. Maybe send 'El Violin' back and I'll add a thorn and some tears to your Rose . . .
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Awesome a.f!

Oh my!!! Oh that rocks....that SO rocks. Applause!!!!!

Sounds great Patrick!


Παίχτης! 👏

Thank you again Steve and Zeta Violins. This instrument really rocks, expressive tone..clarity of notes...not to mention beautiful looking. This will be a lifelong partner

Un sunet foarte complex...

Sax, clarinet,piano ....

Alex Chamberlain

Manolis Polias

Gabriel Ioaneș

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4 months ago

ZETA Violins

Shipped out this week from our ZETA shop:
Italy . . . JV44 White
France . . . SV45 Black
France . . . JLP5
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

How much po the white color violen thanks so much😊


Zein Daknosh always adorable 😍

صوت هاد الكمان كيداير




Fouad Fakir

Bebe Bebe???

Zakaria Benomar

Mjid El

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4 months ago

ZETA Violins

Christmas came and went so fast this year I barely had time to get these ZETA's out of the workshop . . . let alone post pictures of these wonderful stocking stuffers.

As you can see . . . these new ZETA owners must have been pretty high up on the 'NICE' list.
... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

Si hay de venta 🎻

Very excited to play my new violin thank you so much Zeta Violins!

Patrick is a beast! I can’t wait to hear what he does with this instrument.

Zein Daknosh your favorite 😍

Superbe !

Beautiful pictures, beautiful instruments!

You are... Just the best!

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4 months ago

ZETA Violins

What a joy to resurrect this vintage ZETA JV4. ... See MoreSee Less


Comment on Facebook

I have an old JV44 (early 2000s (newer volume knob; bridge w/ newer footing; non-imbus neck)) - totally functional and playable, but has a few chips/scratches and the paint is really worn out. Would you be able to quote me what it would cost to sand & re-paint? I can send pictures.

Wow! I should have mine updated. I had #24 or 25, JV5-string, but it had to be replaced because the neck was cracked in shipping. I stopped playing when my midi controller died and no one could fix it around here. I needed this motivation! Beautiful!

How much does this Zeta! Thank you ! ... (Y)

Is this a jazz fusion? Is it available with regular pegs too?

Wow that turned out great. I’ve gone one to send to you! Definitely need to make this happen with mine!

Got my 5 string in 91. Still playing it. No major problems. Best violin ever.

Cele mai bune viori in Romania.


El precio en € ??

clanto vale

Zein Daknosh 😍😍

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6 months ago

ZETA Violins

Australia bound this week . . . a ZETA JV45 Jazz Fusion
. . . and a JLP5 off to France. They make a nice couple don't you think?
... See MoreSee Less


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Cat costa?va rog

Zein Daknosh like your babe 😍❤️

عايزين نسمعها و نقارن جمال العزف عليها

quero pedir una violín

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6 months ago

ZETA Violins

Voila! as if by magic . . . Viola!

Yes, our ZETA Violas are going out the door. 1st one this week. A beautiful Cremona Burst Spalted Maple SA24 heading to Utah. The sound is quite distinct and magical . . . full bodied and rich . . . very well balanced. Interesting to me the spectrum produced with the longer scale length of the Viola . . . 'C' string 'BIG'!

Next week . . . a Chocolate Burst Roasted Birdseye/Flame with Roasted Birdseye/Flame Neck SA24 . . . is in setup now and will be ready to ship to EVS in Durham, NC.
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6 months ago

ZETA Violins

Coming down the pike this week . . . a trio of one-of-a-kind 'Cowboys', all 5-Strings. I particularly love this ebony-trim styling and always enjoy the process of custom orders. Beginning with your top/back/neck selection . . . looking through and communicating all the possibilities . . . yes, I love that.

1st up: This Flame Koa cowboy with its Flame Roasted Maple back and neck is stunning. Anyone thinkin' BROWN case as the tie on the tux for this beauty!

2nd: The intricate figuring in the Flame Spalted Maple is themed as the 'Dream Catcher' . . . can you see why? Picture it with a new intricate 'Kachina' and 'Dream Catcher' inlay . . . oh man, can't wait to see this unfold.

3rd: 'Saguaro Royal' . . . that's not easy to say. Inlay design not finished yet . . . what do you see? It's a desert cactus surprise.
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6 months ago

ZETA Violins

A diverse week here at ZETA. 1st out was a Jazz Reissue Imbus White JV45 off to Romania. Followed by a Jazz Acoustic Pro 5-String with MIDI off to Australia. Topped off with a nice 3-pak to Electric Violin Shop in Durham, NC. EVS was feeling venturesome . . . trying out both our Brown and Buckskin cases with this shipment of a JLP5, a JV44 Black and a JV45 Black. I'm thinkin' that Buckskin would look nice with some leather fringe work. Daniel Boone played fiddle didn't he? . . . don't know. ... See MoreSee Less


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Je veux commander un violon électro acoustic midi 4 cordes

אני רוצה גשר כמו בתמונה של הכינור הלבן

Thanks Steve...l can hardly wait to get the Acoustic Pro...l will post a demo when l receive it...many thanks

סטיב אני רוצה להזמין גשר של זאתא אתה יכול לשלוך דוגמאות ואיך עושים את המישלוך אני מחקה לתשובה מימך

תגיד לי כמה זה יעלה לי תעשה מחיר אחרי הנחה לישראלי חחח

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7 months ago

ZETA Violins

Just in . . . my wish come true. A fly on the wall perspective of in store testing our ZETA JLP's arriving at Fly Music, Romania. Thank you Sile Cernica . . .
Minunat! Doar minunat prietenul meu.
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Wow! Sounds amazing!


Aratatine si reglajul😉

Awesome! Tank

one with 4 strings, please 😭


Alma Neysa Maheltra ini dek Sound Biola elektrik yg perfect

Nu se aude nmk

Aratati si reglajul pe mixer....multumesc

Eduard Ivaşcu Vasi Falcoie Jr. Razvan Ionut Razvan Ionut

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7 months ago

ZETA Violins

Shipped off 2 ZETA JLP5's this week to our 'New ZETA Dealer' in Torino, Italy . . . Casa Musicale Scavino. You'll have to stop by and check them out when they arrive. Ask for Franco! ... See MoreSee Less

Shipped off 2 ZETA JLP5s this week to our New ZETA Dealer in Torino, Italy . . . Casa Musicale Scavino. Youll have to stop by and check them out when they arrive. Ask for Franco!

7 months ago

ZETA Violins

4 more JLP's headed out to Romania this week. Oh to be a Fly on the wall when these beauts hit Fly Music. Just consider the scene that unfolds, watching and listening to the intense playing and discussion that one can only imagine must take place upon their arrival. Yes I'd like to be that fly at Fly . . . wouldn't you? ... See MoreSee Less

4 more JLPs headed out to Romania this week. Oh to be a Fly on the wall when these beauts hit Fly Music. Just consider the scene that unfolds, watching and listening to the intense playing and discussion that one can only imagine must take place upon their arrival. Yes Id like to be that fly at Fly . . . wouldnt you?Image attachment


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Beautiful work as always Steve

I think you should move to Romania because there is a lot of good wood and you will sell even more violins



I will buy😍

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7 months ago

ZETA Violins

I'm thinking the 'Watery Feel' request turned out pretty nice in this latest Trans-Blue Strados Modern. ... See MoreSee Less


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Una pregunta cuanto le costó el violín xf

Really couldn’t be happier!! It’s a beauty ☺️☺️

It seriously turned out even more beautiful than expected...thank you!!!


Absolutely beautiful.

Heavy weapon! 😍

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