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Go to ZETA’s Catalog (here) and find the instrument you are interested in purchasing. You can narrow your search by clicking one of the category tabs at the top of the catalog. Once you’ve found your desired model, the current lead-time for shipping is shown on the product picture (ie 3 Days). Click on the ‘More . . .’ button found at the bottom of the instrument description. This takes you to the order page where you will find further features included with the instrument as well as pictures of our ZETA case and preamp. By clicking on the product picture you can view a high resolution pic of this model (including a 2nd level of enlargement which is available by clicking in the upper left-hand corner). From there you can add the instrument to your cart and purchase using any credit card or PayPal. Shipping is free in the USA and overseas shipping (3-5 Day USPS Express) is $99.

Category: Ordering

The cost of importing (typically VAT and Customs fees) a ZETA Violin w/case, harmonized code 92021010 . . . varies depending on the country of import. European VAT fees range from 18% to 25%, with Customs fees up to 4%. These fees are collected from the purchaser by the government upon arrival in the foreign country. Some example VAT fees: United Kingdom-20%, Italy-22%, France-20%, Germany-19%, Ireland-23%, Netherlands-21%, Romania-24%, Malta-18%.

Category: Ordering

Checking Out

You can check-out using Visa/MasterCard, American Express, Discover card option “Pay with Credit Card”, or you can check out using PayPal. When using PayPal you have the option of using your PayPal account, or processing your preferred bank card through PayPal, ie you don’t have to have a PayPal account to use this option. The PayPal Express option is both fast and convenient as this option allows you to bypass filling out any forms and your item is shipped to the address of your PayPal account.

If you prefer to send payment direct from your bank, you can wire transfer directly to our ‘Bank of America’ account. This is a simple process but requires you to contact us to send you the invoice for your order and provide you with our bank routing and account #. Contact Steve at ZETA Violins ( if you would like to pay for your order with a direct bank transfer.

Additionally . . . you can use Western Union to send full or partial payment for your purchase. This is a very simple process. Send your payment in US Dollars via Western Union to: Stephen Carlson, Belgrade, Montana, USA.

Category: Checking Out


We use the term ‘Legacy’ to refer to either a Modern or Fusion body style instrument, made of basswood, with a Black, White, or Cremona finish.

Category: Products

We use the term ‘Reissue’ to refer to Fusion body style instruments made with a double edge around the entire body. This style of body was a key feature of the original ZETA Jazz violins. In addition, as part of the ‘Reissue’ project . . . ZETA also reintroduced our original ‘Imbus’ neck, a ’92 JLP Jazz Reissue preamp, and the Signature ‘Jean-Luc Ponty’ model Jazz Violin. All ZETA Jazz bridge instruments, ie Jazz Fusion and Jazz Imbus models, come with the ’92 JLP Jazz Reissue preamp installed.

Category: Products

The GR-55 is a Guitar/Bass Synth . . . with a factory setup to function best with those type of instruments, ie fretted and plucked. Violins are different of course . . . and so it is best to make adjustments to the unit for our instrument of choice . . . the violin. It is important to note that the below adjustments are a ‘starting point’ I have found thru experimentation. Once you make these changes and get comfortable with what does what, it is expected that you will further tweak and ‘dial in’ your GR-55 to suit your specific instrument and style of playing.

(Note: The GR-55 is extremely versatile and complex. It is highly recommended you read the manual and get familiar with everything you can do with it and how to change those things you may want to change. There is no substitute for spending time doing this. There are many exemplary videos online where you can see the versatility and potential of this unit. Exiting from the setup screen saves your changes)

  1. Set your Gr-55 for Guitar (page 9, manual)
  2. Give your new settings a Name: Edit, arrow to GK Settings-Enter, then Enter and put in name, I use ZETA . . . press exit, exit to save
  3. Change the Pick-Up type: Edit, GK Settings-Enter, page to PU tab, arrow down to ‘PU Type’ – scroll to PIEZO R
  4. Change Scale: arrow down to ‘Scale’ – scroll to 500 mm
  5. Change Distance: page over to DIS . . . arrow down and change each string to 10 mm (book says this is not used if PIEZO, but I do it anyway)
  6. Change Sensitivity: page over to SEN . . . arrow down and change each string to 20 . . . this you can play with to suit you
  7. Change Velocity: page over to VEL . . . arrow down and change, Velocity Dynamics to 7, Play Feel to 3, Low Velocity Cut to 5 (these you will play with to see the differences they make in your triggering, etc.
  8. Change Nuance Dynamics: Nuance Dynamics to 0, Nuance Trim to 1 (you will definitely play with these to suit you)
  9. Optional . . . Turn Chromatic On: from Main screen, Edit, arrow over to MIDI/USB-Enter, Page over to GTR-MIDI, arrow down to Chromatic-scroll to On (this you should also play with to decide what you like)

From just these few changes you can see there are lots of subtle (and some not so subtle) possibilities available. So read the manual, watch a lot of instructional videos . . . and have fun with your ZETA and the GR-55!

Some Patches I enjoy using, Ref: USER

LP +Stack 45-2, Legato Solo 37-1, Oboe 92-1, Rich Strings 34-2, Pan Flute 98-1, Flute Solo 35-1, Nice Tenor 34-1, Strange Whistle 43-1, Acoustic Bass under Rhythm 29-2, Marimba 89-2, Moody Sax 95-1, Tap Dance Guitar 28-3, Kalimba Pad 19-2, Pipe Organ 79-2, Scat & Guitar 46-3

I move these sounds: Scroll to User 01-01, Write, Page to Exchange, Scroll to desired sound, Write. . . . So all of the above sounds (for me) are located in User Patch 01-1 to 05-3. For performance purposes you would align sounds next to each other for easy access using pedals 1-3 of the GR-55.

(Check back as I will update as I find other settings of interest)



Category: Products

Care and Maintenance

ZETA’s Imbus pegs should be thought of as ‘lock-down’ pegs. They are not intended for fine tuning, but rather for ‘holding’ the pitch level of the string over a long period of time.

Fine tuning to exact pitch should be accomplished by the fine-tuners at the tailpiece. Fine-tuners should only be turned down a few turns at most, and when more ‘tuning up to correct pitch’ is necessary . . . the fine-tuners should be backed off and the ‘lock-down’ Imbus pegs then used as described below.

Proper use of the Imbus peg starts with clock-wise turning (de-tuning) and simultaneous lifting (un-seating) of the peg. With the peg free from a tight friction fit in the peghead (and the string below pitch) . . . then and only then is the string brought up to pitch (turning counter-clockwise) without any friction in the peg. [NOTE: The Imbus peg should not be ‘squeaking’ during any of its turning. If it is, then too much friction is present (ie peg is locked). Release the friction by lifting up on the peg while de-tuning.] Once at pitch the peg is then seated firmly and securely in the peg-hole. Then the fine-tuner is used to bring string to final pitch, which should take less than a full turn of the fine-tuner.

In general . . . damage to Imbus pegs comes from trying to tune up a locked peg. Not following the above procedure can damage the Imbus peg which may eventually require a replacement peg.


Early ZETA Jazz bridges use the strings to pass the ground (coming from the tailpiece) to the pickup elements in the bridge. Most ‘sound’ issues related to an individual string arise from an intermittent ground problem. To check for a grounding issue simply touch a working string to the problem string using a penny or a paper clip (behind the bridge). If the sound of the problem string comes back then you can assume the problem string has lost its ground.

A signal element (single string pickup) ground can be lost for a couple reasons . . . a bad string for instance . . . but typically it is the string to tailpiece connection. Most often the strings fine tuner is the issue. Sometimes ground is lost when the fine tuner is turned in excessively (down to far). When this is the case, the fine point of the adjustment screw has lost its contact with the pivoting piece of the fine tuner and consequently its ground connection with the body of the tailpiece . . . so start by detuning the fine tuner. In some cases simple corrosion has broken the ground connection indicating a good cleaning is in order, and possibly a little filing or scraping of the corroded surface in question.

If ‘grounding’ the string does not fix the sound problem, then the pickup element itself may be the cause. Problems at the element could be a broken signal wire or solder joint . . . or a short between the ground and signal. Beyond this the preamp would be suspect. Repairs involving any of these issues would be best resolved at our ZETA shop. Simply fill out our ‘Repairs’ form (here) describing the problem in detail. Be sure to include your phone number and full address (for return of your instrument to you) and ship your instrument to us at the ZETA shop address.

If shipping from overseas be sure to document your shipment as an item being sent for repair.


Category: Repairs

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1 week ago

ZETA Violins

Wow! . . . so what do you get when you bring together top electric violinists for a blowout bash. Well . . . it was fantastic! One of my favorite moments was the jam hand-off from Ernesto Lago to Rob Flax. So many performances I will long remember. Well done everyone. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Thank you so much 😊


Hola Hola

1 week ago

ZETA Violins

Tonight. . . NAMM 2020. . . Patrick Contreras and his band are going to set the place on fire!! Come join us!! ... See MoreSee Less

Tonight. . . NAMM 2020. . . Patrick Contreras and his band are going to set the place on fire!! Come join us!!

Comment on Facebook

This was a fun show... ! 💯

That guys is amazing!!


3 weeks ago

ZETA Violins

Happy New Year from ZETA!

As we close out 2019 and welcome in 2020 we hope you will enjoy this 'Hendrix' inspired rendition of 'Auld Lang Syne' by Matt Williams and his ZETA JV45.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

You should Be proud! Very Impressive!! ZETA ROCKS!!

Happy New Year to all at Zeta !

Love this!! Check him out...



Loved it!!!!!!

Beautiful color and sound

This is amazing Matt Williams!! 💥


Hello everyone! THANK YOU for all the ❤️‼️ Please connect with me at: Matt Williams


Chandan Lakra people gets angry while using distortion on bass , he is an example of IDGAS




ဒီအတိုင်းဆို Guitar သမါး တွေသူ့ကိုအရှုံး ပေးရလိမ့်မယ်

Ini bru kren,,,,,waw

Solomon Thang Thang

Dhananjay Karmakar




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1 month ago

ZETA Violins

Happy Holidays to each of you from the crew at ZETA Violins! We hope you had a great year. Thanks to all of you ours was fantastic and we're looking forward to 2020. In thanks and celebration we thought we'd bust out some moves for you to enjoy . . . so ENJOY! ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Merry Christmas Steve and all the best for all ZETA crew!

Merry Christmas to the talented Zeta folks !

All the best Steve

Yet another Awesome rendition of “happily working away...” up in the frigid north of Bozeman... where is the image of your partner?!

de igual maner aun feliz navida

quiero comprar un ZETA

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9 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's 'PHAT' Thursday jewel this week is a JV45 Reissue Trans-Red Black_Edge Burst featuring Flame Maple Top and Back with Imbus Neck and Gold Trim. This beauty is added to our 'Field of Dreams' inventory and available to ship . . . now.

For Pricing, Details and Ordering . . . click here:

That's 'PHAT' . . . Pretty Hot And Tempting . . . by ZETA.

ZETA's current 'Field of Dreams' inventory . . . click here:
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Abeer Bushra



Ma è incredibile👍🎻🎶

I could use some more PHAT in my life!!


isnt that made by Keith McMillen Instruments

Kyriacos Koutalianos


How much price please?

Costel Chirila

Andre Pretzel

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9 months ago

ZETA Violins

This specific 'Field of Dreams' item has sold and is no longer available for immediate shipment.
This model - JV45 Reissue Trans-Red_Black Edge Burst can be ordered here:
... See MoreSee Less

This specific Field of Dreams item has sold and is no longer available for immediate shipment. This model - JV45 Reissue Trans-Red_Black Edge Burst can be ordered here:

Comment on Facebook

Beautiful as always !!!!

Mi as face colectie

Am vazut tata

Costel Chirila ce frumoasa e. No?

It’s so pretty!!


I need.

Great electric violins. I have one.


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9 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA shipments continue to be a varied selection of models with custom woods. Our PHAT series may have revealed a new ZETA favorite. We built a 2nd Tobacco Burst Modern with 2 necks (this time flame maple necks) only to sell it before we got to post it as a PHAT inventory item. Have to try again I guess. Our shipments went off to Sweden, Durham, NC (EVS), Washington, Florida, Illinois & Romania, (Fly Music). Enjoy your ZETA my friends!

This months repairs were iconic and a joy to work on. ZETA continues to repair our many road warriors out there . . . keeping them in tip top working order!
... See MoreSee Less

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اويلي يابه



As always beautiful instruments.

Very fine!

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9 months ago

ZETA Violins

"Loving the sound of my new Strados Acoustic Pro from ZETA Violins! Switzerland, 2019 European tour, Stanley Clarke 'Song to John' solo." Evan Garr ... See MoreSee Less

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Sounds great! Love my Zetas.


10 months ago

ZETA Violins

Evan Garr's new Strados Pro hit the ground running in Europe . . . on tour now with Jazz Legend Stanley Clarke. Evan's new Acoustic Pro features ZETA's Strados Bridge, geared Wittner fine tune pegs and Preamp Tray for easy access individual string volume adjustment/balancing.

On the eve of their European tour, Evan gave his Strados Pro a good warm-up with a performance at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe, Detroit . . . featuring Artist in Residence Stanley Clarke. The audience was in a trance! Take a listen here.

2019 Stanley Clarke European Concert Schedule:
April 9th . . Cully, Switzerland . . . Cully Jazz Festival
April 11th . . Fontaine, France . . . La Source
April 13th . . Prala, Cape Verde . . . Kriol Jazz Festival
April 16th . . Tampere, Finland . . . Tampere Hall
April 17th . . Moscow, Russia . . . Dom Muziki
April 19th . . St Petersburg, Russia . . . Music Hall
April 20th . . Paris, France . . . Seine Musicale
April 23rd . . Brno, CZ . . . Sono Centrum
April 24th . . Nove Mesto nad Vahom . . . Blue Note
April 25th . . Bratislava, Slovakia . . . Bratislava Jazz Days
April 26th . . Prague, Czech Republic, State Philharmonie
April 27th . . Wendelstein, Germany . . Jazz & Blues Open

For more info, venue, tickets, etc . . . goto: (click on the 'Shows' link)

We hope you can attend one of these shows. A great opportunity to catch Evan on his ZETA Strados Pro or his custom ZETA Signature Jazz Fusion . . . performing with one of the true legends . . . Stanley Clarke!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Just prior to flying out on their European tour, Evan gives his Strados Pro a good warm-up with a performance featuring Artist in Residence Stanley Clarke. The audience was in a trance at the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe! . . . Detroit.

What is the price?delivery to Russia is

Know what I want for Christmas


How much madonkey toes ♡!

ZETA Violins can i use a shoulder rest?

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10 months ago

ZETA Violins

I started playing (I mean learning) banjo when I was 18. My hero was John McEuen, banjo player and multi-instrumentalist with the Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band. 'Clinch Mtn. Backstep' and 'Randy Lynn Rag' ('Uncle Charlie' album) . . . unbelievable . . . I wore that album out. When I first saw the 'Dirt Band' perform live at Tulagi's on the Hill in Boulder, CO (circa 1972) . . . I could only marvel at John's banjo and fiddle playing. I grew to love that music more and more . . . and who could have guessed that love, that passion, would grow to mold my life and career.

John McEuen was first introduced to ZETA when John McFee (of the Doobie Brothers) loaned him his ZETA fiddle during a gig at Cheyenne Frontier days. It was the mid-80's and after that first introduction John pursued getting his own ZETA . . . and has been playing one ever since.

I've been following John's music and career for so many years, including the 'String Wizards', and enjoyed reading his recent book 'The Life I've Picked'. WOW - what a great read! So now here it is, ahh . . . well . . . ahh - a long time later, and as the owner of ZETA Violins I couldn't help but reach out and see if he was interested in replacing his old ZETA with one of our current Acoustic Pros. He thought it a grand idea and so his new ZETA fiddle was born (after a little collaboration of course).

In John's words:
" It is unusual, this fiddle. I almost feel like someone 'did a deal with the devil' as from the first bow draw I sounded better than I ever have, which continued as I played it .... and then tried it out in a concert. It continued to make it just seem easier, and like a great book, it was hard to put down! Then taking it to its first show yesterday (Sat., 3/15), at the incredible Folly Theater in Kansas City, many people went out of their way to say 'that's a great fiddle'... Rodney Dillard (I had him on the show too) even commented that I had never sounded better and he has heard me since the beginning. Thank you Zeta/Steve for making my music , and because of it my show, better!" John McEuen…

. . . and thank you John McEuen . . . a full 'Circle' for me for sure my friend. Hope to see you on the road one of these days.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

What a story. Keep up the good work Steve.

Mark Condit

Nice one! 💖

What a great story!

Very cool

Wow! Thank you for sharing!

Awesome instrument.

Great story

Cit costa una?

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10 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's shipments made it to the post office despite our snow and cold here in Montana. Shipping a very nice variety of Legacy, Artist and Custom models to North Carolina (EVS), Illinois, Texas, UK, Romania and Ecuador! Wow . . . 1st time to Ecuador.
Enjoy your ZETA my friends!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

احمد ولد العبدي


Hesham Kamal

Teresa Joy - see?

Nu la rosie

ZETA ( Steve Carlson ) the best World

Vreauesi eu una cum pot ave situ sau sa vorbesc cu cineva și cat coasta

Kenny would love these

Beautiful. Love those violins.

Very nice

Always stunning!

Fiyatlar nedir

Wow the green is outta sight

Preț la ceea verde?

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11 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's 'PHAT' Thursday offering this week is a Strados Modern featuring a Tobacco Burst Flame Top with a Straight Maple Neck, Traditional Pegbox and Gold Trim . . . available as either a SV24 or SV25. We made both a 4-string and a 5-string matching neck, so it can be ordered either way. Currently it is setup as a 4-string and added to our 'Field of Dreams' inventory . . . available to ship . . . now.

For Pricing, Details and Ordering 4-String . . . click here:
For 5-String . . . click here:

That's 'PHAT' . . . Pretty Hot And Tempting . . . by ZETA.

ZETA's current 'Field of Dreams' inventory . . . click here:

For general Ordering, Payment and Check-Out info . . . click on our 'FAQ's' link here: . . . and follow the questions, 'How to Order', 'Purchasing from Overseas' and 'Payment Options'.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Comme bien

Hesham kamal


Only problem is you're putting these adverts under my nose and I'm poor. Great player, in love with your products, just poor.. 😖😅

Send it to me!

I’m glad that 5-string neck doesn’t have frets, or else I’d be very tempted.

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11 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's January shipments also included a nice trio of Cellos. Two headed off to Electric Violin Shop, Durham, NC. A Trans-Blue Artist and a Ensemble Model - Natural Alder Top with an oil finish. Check them out next time you stop by their shop!
A special order Fretted model, also Alder top, was picked up at our ZETA shop by a Livingston, MT customer . . . quite fun to play.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

quiero comprar este violin mi numero de celular es 0990992655 soy de ecuador

Shana Tucker will be ecstatic!

Amazing!!!! Beautiful!!!@ 100%

Absolutely perfect!!

12 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's trip to NAMM this year was a great time hangin' with ZETA Artist Patrick Contreras. We enjoyed meeting up with Matt Bell of the Electric Violin Shop . . . and the many players and 'Violin People' at Matt's 'Violinist Meet-Up'.

Meeting with our friends, customers & vendors is always a good time. This year Patrick and ZETA spent a good amount of time testing equipment and lookin' for a good jam.

Check out some of Patrick's Jammin' here:

ZETA also spent some time with Rob and Allison Turner at EMG . . . going over specs for the new ZETA Mandolin Pickup & Preamp.

The whole NAMM trip was topped off with a wonderful Italian dinner at Carolina's . . . where Patrick treated us to an evening of . . . well . . . the many sounds of Patrick Contreras. WOW!

Patrick's cover of 'House of the Rising Sun' had many of Carolina's patrons peeking around the corner to 'see who it was':
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Wanted to go so bad!! Hope the show was a huge success!

Hi there. My name is Omar Puente and I am writing from the UK. Just to let you know that for more than 15 years I've done almost all of my concerts with Zeta violins. Best regards Omar.

12 months ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA January shipments were out the door just as we left for NAMM in Anaheim, CA. This years early shipments included our 1st Jean-Luc Ponty models for 2019 . . . shipping to Fly Music in Romania (2-Imbus and 1 Fusion). Shipping to Electric Violin Shop in Durham, NC was an Acoustic Pro 4 and Pro 5 . . . plus a spectacular special order custom JV45 Trans-Blue Black Edge Burst, Flame Maple Top/Neck, Dbl-Edg, Dbl-Lam, with the 'Heartbeat' inlay in Silver Wire. A big 'BIG' thanks goes out to ZETA Artist Nicolas Draps for allowing us to use his personal design as a new ZETA insignia. I LOVE IT! Thank you Nico! (check out his work here:

It was just in December we made the 1st Trans-Top Green with Black Body/Neck and I'm lovin' that combo. Our 1st in 2019 is a Trans-Red Black Body/Neck heading out to Russia.

Sometimes when your not sure which model you want to order we send out a demo so you can try the 'sound and feel' of a particular model over another . . . perhaps its Jazz vs Strados, Imbus vs Fusion, Wide vs Sandard or Slim, etc. Our final violin shipment was just that . . . a Reissue Black Imbus to Pennsylvania. Can't wait to make his custom. Enjoy your ZETA my friends!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

The best violins in the world Zzettaa😚

That blue one is hot!

Care este mai bună cea pe imbus sau pe cuie ??

Un număr de telefon va rog frumos


Choosing which one is right is my problem living in Western Australia! I think I need to chat!

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's 'PHAT' Thursday delight this week is a CV45 . . . a Jazz Classic featuring a Tobacco Burst Flame Top and Neck with traditional Pegbox and Gold Trim. This beauty is added to our 'Field of Dreams' inventory and available to ship . . . now.

For Pricing, Details and Ordering . . . click here:

That's 'PHAT' . . . Pretty Hot And Tempting . . . by ZETA.

ZETA's 'Field of Dreams' inventory . . . click here:
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook


MmMh Gustoso...sicuramente anche, costoso 😄

So beautiful!!!! 😍😍😍

What are the reasons for the prices for these violins? They are excellent violins, but however.... Why such prices? Just for the brand? The components of the sound card or the bridge are not so expensive ...


Veronica Miller

That is gorgeous!!!

Aida Lemus



Ce preț are

I wish I had one !!!!

Zeta classic! Beautiful and great electric violin!



Lauren Munzer Eugenio

Where can I listen to its sound?


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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

It's 'PHAT' Thursday here at ZETA. Today marks the beginning of our weekly 'FOD' series . . . ZETA's very own 'Field Of Dreams'.
This weeks 'PHAT' offering is a beautiful JV45 Reissue Trans-Blue Black_Edge Burst, Flame Maple Top, Imbus Neck with Gold Trim . . . all dressed up and ready to ship.

Available to order here:

That's 'PHAT' . . . Pretty Hot And Tempting . . . by ZETA.
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Beautiful instrument

Phoebe, these are neat.

I have one and the system of tuning pegs is bad, it breaks, fragile

Mmmm lo voglio anche io!!!!!!


Ma quanto costa?

Zeta are the best

Veronica Miller

Ma quanto costa???????

Aida Lemus

Highly recommended! A real piece of art!!

كم السعر. والشحن لمصر



in the plugs the use of an allem key is worn

Love it love the color

في كم يوم وتوصل


This is a master piece! As usually 🤩🙏


Perfect color love it

Any cellos!?? Love your desing work and sound.

كم السعر والشحن الى السعودية


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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Could it Be? . . . a sparkly Templar Treasure mysteriously eludes the Oak Island Treasure Hunter's and finds its way to our ZETA shop.

A real 'Top-Pocket Find' . . . Could it Be?
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

That’s a Vegas Violin if I ever saw one. Haha.

I like the instrument, but off with the dazzler

One of a kind Steve👌

That’s hot!

Super Vioara Zeta

Really i love Zeta violins

That’s the perfect shirt, and a heck of a fiddle, to boot!

Omg I need my jazz fusion like this!!!!

Violin Felicitari

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Wrapping up a great year here at ZETA. An eventful year for us as we started shipping our Violas, Cellos, Basses and MIDI Mandolins. Merry Christmas Chicago, North Carolina, Germany, Romania, Florida, Washington and New York. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook




ممكن نعرف السعر وكيف توصل للسويد

Zeta nr1




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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's Fall shipments 2018 . . . a nice variety of customs mixed with our standard models.
Hello France, Romania, Finland, Italy, Argentina . . . California, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Montana, North Carolina and points beyond. Enjoy your ZETA's!

Winter has set in and I'm working hard finishing up our ZETA mandolin . . . launching soon!
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

can't wait to get my "Zeta" mandolin. See you soon.

Nice work!


كم التكلفة ؟

Foarte frumos succes felicitări sănătate

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA's flagship JLP5 Jazz Fusion Violin heads out to the the Cremona Musica Festival & International Exhibition in Cremona, Italy. AWESOME!
Our summer here at ZETA just keeps sizzling with several beauty's leaving our shop, shipping worldwide . . . just last week!
Browse through all our shipments this summer:
Listen to Evan Garr performing with Jean-Luc Ponty at Chene Park, Detroit, MI:
Watch Evan as his new ZETA Signature JV45 Model is revealed for the 1st time:
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook


I think I will learn to play the violin so I can have one of these beautiful instruments.


Deshbhakt bhaio bahano Jaihind jaishreeram vandematram bharatmata ki jai Deshhit sabse upar rakhe Kisi bhi taraha ke bandh strike ka support n kare n shamil ho Desh ki samppati ka nukshan n kare Humko desh ki senkdo shalo ki gulami ke bad caroro deshbhakto ke balidan ( shadahat) se azadi mili h Sab sanggtit hokar raho sanghtan me shakti h sangtit Hindustani samaj samarth bharat Jatpat hamare desh samaj ko kamjor kar rahe h Jatpat bhulkar sangtit rahana h Jaihind jaishreeram vandematram bharatmata ki jai vote bjp save Hindustan

Velasüto Khusoh

I wish a one with 4 strings

Amazing job to you and your crew Steve for what you’ve been doing with the Zeta brand - it’s better than it ever was! 👏🏼

how mach

Wow #fantastic I love Very much🎸😍😍😋🤗

اريد اشتري كمان

Also - what was different about the neck width on Evan’s custom Fusion, that the two of you were discussing in the video?

बहुत सुंदर जी

how mach

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Finding time to work on Vintage ZETA's is always rewarding in the end. Kind of like revitalizing the ZETA troops out there. When packing for shipment back to their owners I find myself humming . . . 'On the Road Again . . . ' ... See MoreSee Less

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There is two violas made by my friend. In one of them the zeta retropak was installed.

hola nos gustaría sabe el precio

The Prize?

احمد الهاني

1 years ago

ZETA Violins

'Sunset Drive' . . . Jean-Luc Ponty live at Chene Park with special guests Evan Garr and Ralphe Armstrong. ... See MoreSee Less

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get it Evan!

Yes sirs!

You are astounding and inspiring.

AMAZING !!!!!!

That's so great!

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Seeing Jean Luc Ponty and his band perform anytime is a rare and special treat. But adding to our enjoyment . . . we were able to spend some real quality time with ZETA Artist Evan Garr. The entire event (two days) was magical indeed. Hope you enjoy our album of photos covering ZETA's trip to Detroit, Baker's (Piano Lounge) Jazz Club, and Chene Park. ... See MoreSee Less

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Va rog sami trimiteti viori de vinzare si cit costa se poate?

Great stuff

1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Chene Park sound check with Jean Luc Ponty, Jamie Glaser, Rayford Griffin, and special guests Evan Garr and Ralphe Armstrong. ... See MoreSee Less

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Classic ponti riffs, sound and blasting back to 70’s!

Great stuff!

THAT brought a smile to my face!! Heir Apparent!!

I absolutely love my two Zetas. Best electric violins!


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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Jean Luc is in town . . .
ZETA's in town . . .
it's Wednesday morning . . .
we're all rev'd up to see him share his magic at Chene Park . . . T O N I G H T !

But first . . . Detroit . . . the Motor City. ZETA arrived Tuesday and our 1st stop . . . deliver Evan Garr a new engine . . . his 'Evan Garr' signature Jazz Fusion. Eight months in the works . . . take a look and a listen and see what you think?!
... See MoreSee Less

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Saw you Wednesday night you were great.


Wow thanks soooooooo much for sharing 👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽

You’re gonna kill it with that new gem!

I want to buy one helps me with the pressure

Sweet axe

You sound great tonight Evan. 😍


Awesome! ✌❤🎶

Matthew Steele

I love ponty love to here this played





You always put a big ole smile on my face. I just love seeing you in your element. Keep being GREAT 🤩😘😘😘🤩

Well done, Evan. Thank you!

You deserve it bro. Nice peace.


It's a beauty!

STUNNING!!!! Green and White! This Spartan approves.

Magic!!!!!! Not only is that Zeta spectacular, the tone and your playing is amazing!! Congrats and have fun with the guys tonight!

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1 years ago

ZETA Violins

ZETA is heading out to see Jean-Luc Ponty at Chene Park, Detroit, MI. So looking forward to the show . . . and a chance to catch up with Jean Luc again. It's been 3 years since 'Talking Sticks' AZ, and a year+ since 'Boulder Theater' CO . . . can't wait. Jean Luc with this band (his band) is an epic experience.

As if that isn't enough . . . we also get to see ZETA Artist Evan Garr, who's performing an opening set . . . and also playing with Jean Luc in the concert finale. ZETA's traveling to Detroit with a little surprize and will be spending some time with Evan before the show . . . so stay tuned . . .This is the new Jean-Luc Ponty Signature Violin by Zeta which I played for the first time on tour with the AndersonPonty Band tour in America in 2015
... See MoreSee Less

ZETA is heading out to see Jean-Luc Ponty at Chene Park, Detroit, MI. So looking forward to the show . . . and a chance to catch up with Jean Luc again. Its been 3 years since Talking Sticks AZ, and a year+ since Boulder Theater CO . . . cant wait. Jean Luc with this band (his band) is an epic experience. As if that isnt enough . . . we also get to see ZETA Artist Evan Garr, whos performing an opening set . . . and also playing with Jean Luc in the concert finale. ZETAs traveling to Detroit with a little surprize and will be spending some time with Evan before the show . . . so stay tuned . . .

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When is the Detroit concert?

Enjoy Steve

Very cool

I was at that show last year. It’s worth the trip. SO good!

1 years ago

ZETA Violins

Updates to ZETA's summer shipments 2018 . . . a wide variety of new ZETA's hitting the streets . . . perhaps playing at a venue near you. ... See MoreSee Less

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So beautiful

I need one 4strings how can you ship me to jordan


How mach!??

I want !!! Price?

كم السعر. والشحن

Hola.... Le escribo desde Ecuador, quisiera saber si hacen envíos y como es el medio de pago? Requiero de este violin

It would be nice if the home office would returnn an email about parts

How much?

Cv45 is my favorite one😍

I love mine!!

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2 years ago

ZETA Violins

Journeyed down to Island Park, Idaho last week. ZETA artist James Schlender is currently touring with 'Songs from the Road Band' out of Ashville, North Carolina. Great chance to catch up with James and watch him kill it with his Acoustic Pro 5. Hope you enjoy our montage of the evening at 'Trout Hunters' lodge. James has played in many many of our ZETA videos . . . it was a joy to watch him perform in his element. Be sure to hang for 2:25 to the end. That'll wake you up! ... See MoreSee Less

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Simply amazing!

Charles R. Humphrey III is playing bass. Phenomenal violinist. I better buy their recordings.

Lucky l have one...

That’s just insane clarity

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